When someone is baptised as a baby or a child, their parents and godparents make promises on their behalf because  they’re too young to make a coherent decision. But there comes a time when we are old enough to stand on our own feet, know our own minds and have a real and personal faith in God.

Confirmation is a celebration of personal faith. Those being confirmed affirm their faith and the Bishop prays for each Confirmation candidate in turn. It is a special moment and lays down a faith-marker: ‘I turn to Christ.’

To be confirmed means that you would normally attend a series of group meetings at which we explore and discuss the Christian faith, and what it means to be a Christian. These groups come together when there is a demand. Confirmation services take place several times per year. Usually, candidates and their friends and families from several churches in the area come together at one church to be confirmed by the Bishop. These occasions are inspirational for everyone concerned, not just the confirmation candidates themselves, because so many Christians can worship together in one place.

If you (or someone for whom you are responsible) are interested in being confirmed, please contact any member of the clergy.