Advent Journey

Advent Journey

This year we are focussing on The Jesse Tree as a way to help us connect with what we do in decorating our Christmas trees to the events leading to Jesus’ birth.  Our Jesse Tree is standing in the St. Francis Chapel at St. Michael’s and All Angels Church.  You can come to spend time with God between 9:30-11:30 on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday throughout Advent.

One of the things you can use it the Jesse Tree Devotions sheet: click here for a copy to print off.

The Jesse Tree is named from Isaiah 11:1: “A shoot shall come out of the stock of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.”

Jesse was the father of King David. We dress a Jesse Tree with illustrated items/tags that represent the people, prophesies, and events that takes us on a journey from creation though to the birth of Jesus.

The items/tags we hang on the Jesse Tree tell the story of God in the Old Testament, connecting the Advent season with the faithfulness of God across 4,000 years of history.

Our Jesse Tree is created to help you link your custom of decorating Christmas trees to the events leading up to Jesus birth. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees actually predates the arrival of Christianity in Western Europe and was adopted by the early Church.

The story of Jesse, the father of David, is told in Isaiah 11:1-10.  David’s story is found in 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

Our national lockdowns have, amongst other things, helped us to become more creative, so if you cannot get to St. Michael’s to have a time of prayer and reflection, you can engage in the Jesse Tree reflections at home. 

All you need to do is choose a reflection (there are 25 to choose from below) and take some time with God.  You may want to write down a word or prayer that has come to you from your time with God, do so and either hang it on your own Christmas tree at home or bring it to church next time you are visiting and place it on our Jesse Tree.


Click on a reflection below: (note all images in these reflections are kindly attributed to from

  1. God the Father: His creation Story: Genesis 1
  2. Adam and Eve - Genesis 3-1
  3. Seth - Genesis 5:3
  4. Noah - Genesis 6:14
  5. Shem - Genesis 14:18
  6. Abraham - Genesis 22:15
  7. Jacob - Genesis 49:28
  8. Joseph - Genesis 37 - 45
  9. Moses - Exodus 20:1
  10. Joshua - Joshua 1:1
  11. Rahab - Joshua 2:18
  12. Samson - Judges 15:15
  13. Ruth - Ruth 2:1
  14. Jesse - 1 Samuel 17:15
  15. David - 2 Samuel 7:1
  16. Solomon - 1 Kings 10:1
  17. Elijah - 2 Kings 1:10 John 2:1
  18. Jeroboam and Rehoboam - 1 Kings 12:16
  19. Isaiah - Isaiah 5:13
  20. Jeremiah - 2 Kings 25:8 
  21. Ezekiel - Ezekiel 37:26
  22. John the Baptist - Luke 1:39
  23. Joseph - Matthew 1:18
  24. Mary - Luke 1:26 Genesis 3:15
  25. The Shepherds and Jesus: Luke 2:8- 20