Living with Loss

Living with Loss 



We are all experiencing a series of common challenges with COVID-19.  Those who have lost loved ones are having to deal with those losses, and the grief and distress caused, in entirely new ways. 


These new ways are journeys often devoid of our usual end of life rituals, such as being beside the dying, saying goodbye and being able to attend a funeral or wake. The virus has changed many aspects of our daily life at such a rapid pace and, for many people, these deaths have come with little time to prepare and the experience can be very isolating. 

As a church we recognise that this affects every part of our community.  We are greatly encouraged at the way in which our community is pulling together, taking time to think about neighbours, being kind and considerate.

Whether you have a faith or not, saying goodbye to a loved one who has died is an important part of our nature.  This webpage is our way of offering to our community ways in which loved ones can be remembered, particularly those to whom a personal, face to face,  goodbye is not possible.

One thing that helps is reflecting upon the life of the person whom we have lost . The Church of England has developed ways to help us constructively engage in the need to reflect on the life and loss of a loved one.  Please do click HERE to explore this more.


As HM Queen Elizabeth mentioned in her Easter Day address to the nation, many cultures use candles as a way of illuminating the darkness.

Light gives hope in the midst of despair for many of us….those who are Christians, those of many other faiths and those who have no particular faith to speak of.  This resource is an offering for all of our community – a way to enable us to stop, think about, and be thankful for a loved one for whom we cannot be there in person.

By lighting a virtual candle, we are able to focus directly on our loved one and hold them in our hearts and minds at a specific time, perhaps with other family members either online or in person.  Please do click HERE to explore this more.

We are here to support you in these uncertain times. As Christians, we believe in a day where we will rejoice and be made whole with God. Until that day comes, we listen to each other, we pray for each other and we serve each other.

If you wish to, you can contact us here