Spirituality and Discipleship


"All of life is spiritual, for all is part of God's creation. There is no division between sacred and  secular, work and worship, religion  and politics.   Spirituality is not apart from our daily lives, it is our daily lives. But it is a life with a cutting edge not avoiding the pain or fear." - Alan Ecclestone, Priest and Spiritual writer 1904-1992

The Christian life is a life-long journey, one which we take together. For that reason, we are encouraged to explore what it means to be a Christian in today's world. 

For those who want to explore the Christian faith, we run different courses such as Pilgrim Course and the annual Lent course. For those who want to deepen their Biblical understanding we run a regular Zoom Bible Study.  Email us as sbrparish@gmail.com for further details.

In addition to these, we are encouraged to explore our spirituality through prayer. Please find on the left hand side some articles on different ways of praying to God.