Look back at Christian Aid Week 2021

REVISED 20 June 2021: Huge thanks must go to everyone involved in organising and carrying out the activities during Christian Aid Week (10-16 May). As a result of so much teamwork and the substantial contribution from members of Wallington Methodist Church, St Patrick's and St Mary's Beddington, we managed to raise an unprecedented total of £ 3,899.90 (when Gift Aid of £ 583.32 is added, this makes £ 4,483.22).

On Thursday 3rd June, I was able to pay in £ 1,231.21 in cash and £ 155.00 in cheques at the bank, which took about half an hour at the Barclays branch in Wallington! After receiving some late contributions, I am about to pay in a further £ 229.69 cash and £ 100.00 in cheques. The remainder was contributed via charity vouchers and online contributions, which take no effort to process.

I will try to issue individual thank-you notes to every house-to-house envelope deliverer and collector in the next few days. A special mention must go to Joan Currion's sponsored swim, which raised over £1000, as well as all the people of all ages who took part in the sponsored litter-picking on 23rd May or contributed cakes to sustain the workforce, making it into a super social occasion. I'd like to mention Noah C. in particular, who managed to get sponsored to the tune of £295 despite being only three years old! You can see him in action in the photos below.

Another special mention goes to Barnaby Downer, who came up with the idea of an online keyword Bingo game, implemented it and was an entertaining caller. This was great fun for all involved - thanks also to Jill Forbes for donating the prizes. No matter how large or small the financial contribution, every form of participation was valued. We can collectively give thanks that our friends, families and neighbours have been moved by the Spirit to be so generous in spite of any hardships imposed through the Covid-19 pandemic. Let us pray that the money brings maximum benefit where it is most needed.

Litter-Pick Poster